Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold in various areas of bathroom

This job that SERVPRO tackled was a mold job. The mold actually affected a few different areas of the downstairs bathroom. The area pictured is one of multiple ... READ MORE

Mold after Hurricane Harvey

aveled to Houston, Texas to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Our SERVPRO team was down there for at least three weeks doing everything they could to... READ MORE

Malfunctions can cause Mold

SERVPRO traveled out of town to fix this customer's property. In this case, some severe water damage led to mold creeping onto their kitchen floor. This mold re... READ MORE

Molded wall in closet

During this job, SERVPRO responded to a toilet supply line that burst. The water in the line impacted the entire property. The damage ranged all over the house.... READ MORE

Mold removal in hallway

In these photos, the area that was affected was the carpet. Sometimes mold is treatable in carpets. Unfortunately, if the mold reaches the carpet's backing, it ... READ MORE

Mold in Playroom

These photos were taken during a local demolition job. We found mold in the playroom of this house. SERVPRO took action here and got the job done! In this insta... READ MORE